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From our Senior Pastor -

Life has changed remarkably over the last few weeks. Most of us have been forced into self-quarantine, and we can no longer physically gather as a community of faith. It has forced us to rethink our understanding of church. Obviously church is more than a building or a worship service. We have been forced to rethink how we “Love Life Together”. Nobody really knows how long this season will last. Your church leadership has settled on a few ways we can take advantage of existing technology, especially social media, and also take care of the people of The Mission:
*The Daily Office from the Revised Common Lectionary is being broadcast Monday through Friday by 8:00 AM on Facebook and our Website (
*A Bible Book Study of Galatians is being livestreamed on Facebook at 6:00 PM Wednesdays and recorded to upload to our website the next morning. We encourage you to join us live on Facebook so you can add your comments and ask questions.
*We are recording our Sunday Worship and broadcasting it at 10:30AM on Facebook and our Website.
*Someone from The Mission should be calling each family/individual weekly just to check in to see if you have any needs, and also to pray with you.
*We have formed a Congregational Care Team to help those who need it – run errands, shop for groceries, etc.
As this pandemic continues, we realize that there is a serious economic component. If you need help, let your caller know, or just call the church office at (850) 433-0420. Of course, The Mission still has its own financial obligations to meet such as mortgage, utilities, payroll, and our assessment to our Diocese. It is important that those who can continue to give, do so generously, so the work of the Kingdom is not hindered. We’ve tried to make that possible in several ways.
*We have added a donate button to our Website (on this page top left) that is safe and secure. You can give by debit card, credit card, or by echeck. Several people have already used this method and we are grateful.
*You can set up a recurring contribution using your bank’s Bill Pay system. Call the church office if you need help setting that up.
*You can set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). You’ll need to call the church office to get our account number and routing number. This is not the most preferable method because the funds go directly into our account and we don’t get a record of who is giving for tax purposes.
*You can send a check through the mail to The Mission Anglican Church, 319 East Jackson Street, Pensacola Fl, 32501.
* We are working on adding a donate button to our Facebook page, but this will take a couple of weeks to approve because Facebook is working with a skeleton staff right now. 
We thank all the people of The Mission for your patience, faithfulness, encouragement, and generosity. Our prayers are with you all. May God bless you richly and keep you safe and healthy.

In His grip,
Pastor Ron

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The Daily Office with Fr. Ron
WORSHIP 29 March 2020
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